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Premium & Affordable Pool Resurfacing Service for You

Summer is almost here, and your pool needs a facelift to serve you right during the season. Whether the pool space has become old and boring and needs a modern look, or you've started noticing those sickening cracks, leakages, stains, or flakes on your deck, go ahead and take action before it's too late.

So, are you doing the remodeling for the first time, or you've done it before? Feeling confused about where to start and what to do is normal. The good news is any nature of work that you have involving pool resurfacing in Jupiter, Florida, shouldn't stress you anymore. At Engineered Paver Pros, we are your preferred pool resurfacing company to walk with throughout the transformation journey.

With skillful, licensed, and experienced contractors so good at what they do, we will customize and revamp your pool as per your specifications using the best pool resurfacing materials. Contact us today for reliable, efficient, and professional pool restoration services.

Why Our Premium Pool Resurfacing Service?

A pool resurfacing project is a significant investment; you need to work with professionals who know their art, not pour your money down the drain. With us onboard, all your needs will get maximum attention. Our contractors will arrive at the site ready for the following:


Quality Pool Liner Repair

Pool liners offer a protective barrier and help improve general aesthetics. They also help contain water, prevents it from leaking, and protect the pool walls and floors from damage. But some wear out over time due to wear and tear, chemicals, harsh temperatures, and traffic. In turn, this will compromise your pool area's safety and aesthetic.

Our experts understand the importance of a liner, and when the time comes to repair or replace it, we will ensure you get the best results. When replacing pool liners, we use the best materials, appropriate colors, custom patterns, and suitable thicknesses. That guarantees something that looks good, is safe, and has over a decade of life expectancy.


Expert Pool Deck Resurfacing

A pool deck is a focus area of any pool. Besides improving the pool's aesthetics, it boosts functionality. But that won't be possible with a damaged, old, and worn-out deck surface. At Engineered Paver Pros, we are specialists in pool deck design, installation, and resurfacing.

We also work with the best materials specifically meant for pool decks. Inferior decking materials result in cheap looks and risky surfaces. As a result, within a short duration, you will be back online searching for pool deck repair near me. We know that's not what you want, and we'll advise on appropriate materials like concrete, pavers, and travertine – all sourced from top manufacturers.

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Pool resurfacing jupiter fl

Pool Hardscapes Repair and Installations

We are an all-in-one solution for your pool resurfacing needs!

A common aspect most people forget when resurfacing a pool is to work on the decks alone and overlook all other pool hardscapes. It happens because most take them as different projects, which is okay. We are ready when you need comprehensive renovations or want us to take over something else after resurfacing the deck area.

We will repair the walkway or driveway leading to the pool, pool water features, and surrounding retaining walls (if any) to keep the area secure and tidy. We'll also fix the patio and all areas that need plastering.

Your pool is a reflection of the entire space, and when renovating it, it's also wise to consider the complementary areas – maybe not immediately, but it's something you need to have on your to-do list. We offer a seamless hardscaping service that blends pretty well with the rest of your residential or commercial space.


Our Pool Resurfacing Jupiter fl Pool Cost Will Suit Your Budget

We aim to offer quality resurfacing that serves you for years without compromising your budget. For us, it's not about the money but the value and satisfaction you get. Once you give us a call, we will visit the site, listen to your plan, discuss the budget, and chart the way forward. We have a suitable solution that meets your needs. Call us now, and let's make your vision a reality.

Note that our pool resurfacing estimates aren't fixed figures – they vary from client to client. So, what determines our pool resurfacing costs?

  • The current state of the pool surface
  • The size of the deck
  • The type of pool
  • Material to use
  • The kind of deck sealing
  • And more based on individual projects.


Be Part of Our Satisfied Customers in Jupiter, FL

At Engineered Pavers Pro, we take pride in having transformed multiple pools that still "look as good as new" in the neighborhood of Jupiter. From Tequesta, Valencia, Tuscany, The Bluffs, Admiral's Cove, and The Heights of Jupiter to New Haven, we continue to deliver exceptional work and grow our list of satisfied customers by crazy numbers.

You can also be part of the statistics! Expect your dream pool deck once you consider our esteemed pool contractors. Ready for rejuvenated pool decks and hardscapes? Contact us today to enjoy a premium and affordable pool deck resurfacing service.