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Concrete flatwork is a notoriously difficult process, which requires many steps and expert precision to ensure that everything goes correctly. Our team here at Jupiter pavers of professionals are the best at what they do! They will make sure your concrete installation lasts for years with minimal interference or damage from external factors like rain, snowmelt, heatwaves etc. All you have to worry about is supplying them with all their necessities.


Concrete flatwork works with frames into the area where concrete will be installed and measure space before pouring. After setting up the frame, mix concrete accurately then pour it into a dry surface that has been measured correctly for installation. The next step is working out any bubbles or air pockets using our scraping tools so they do not form later on down the line when left untouched from day one of construction. To avoid this problem we recommend leaving some time between mixing and installing your first layer as you work against external weather damages quicker over time if not done right away after being mixed properly; costlier repairs are also inevitable without taking care of what needs to happen early during the process.


Long Lasting Concrete Design

When you invest in our concrete flatwork, you're getting the lasting quality and security that will make your home more enjoyable for years to come. We back up our work with warranties so if there's any issue we'll fix it without hesitation! With these guarantees and warranties behind us, investing in a new surface is one of the best decisions homeowners can make because they know they won't need to redo their surfaces anytime soon.

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Concrete Stamping

Concrete stamping is the process of creating shapes, patterns and designs into a concrete surface while it's still wet. This creates texture on an otherwise flat area without compromising its integrity or performance under foot traffic. It can also be used to create realistic looking stone surfaces that mimic other building materials such as marble floors with just one layer of cement instead of several coats like in traditional methods. Concrete stamps are not permanent either so you will only have them for as long as they last before chipping off gradually over time -usually anywhere from two years up to ten depending on where your home or business may fall within certain geographical regions (in areas prone to hurricanes, flooding).

Concrete Sealing

It is important to seal your concrete after it has been installed and dried completely. The sealing agent functions as a protective layer that will divert water or damage away from the surface of this material, prolonging its lifespan and reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements in years ahead. We’ve found through our experience working with industrial-grade sealant over time that sealed concrete lasts longer than unsealed materials; however, you should always consult an expert before making any final decisions about which type of product would be best suited for your specific needs.