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Professional Travertine Installation for Home and Business Pools – Throughout the Entire Jupiter Area.

When looking for a natural feel, beauty, and uniqueness in your residential or commercial pool deck, travertine is among the most popular options to consider. In Florida, the number of property owners considering travertine pavers for their pool decks, patios, driveways, and walkways continues to increase yearly.

While this is a good thing, most people are yet to enjoy their travertine pool decks to the maximum. Why? It's because of ignoring professional input during the installation, leading to shoddy work. At Engineered Paver Pros, we value our customers, and we have knowledgeable, experienced, and accredited travertine pool deck installers to guide you and execute the process in the best way.

Do you want to inquire about installing quality travertine pool decks or coping? Call our team today for a free consultation. It's wise to be sure about your decision before investing.

How Engineered Paver Pros Will Handle Your Travertine Pool Deck Installation

You probably want a new travertine pool decking because of existing damages that have become an eyesore, or you want to keep up with the trends. Whatever your reason is, the first step is reaching out to us so that we can schedule a site visit.

Do you have a figured-out pool deck design? As part of the installation planning, we help you think outside the box and settle on an attractive design that meets all the safety standards. The design depends on the pool area size, pool hardscapes available, and custom preferences.

When building the pool deck, we do it custom, based on your request. We want to keep your dream of owning a stylish pool deck alive. Before starting the building process, we'll help you choose the best outdoor travertine pavers. We understand Travertine's finer details on functionality and have helped multiple clients make correct decisions.

More so, travertine comes in varying colors, from silver, gold, beige, ivory, classic, to red, and so on; you'll have a chance to choose what complements your design aesthetics.

Our pool deck contractors in Jupiter, FL, can also help you with the following:

  • New deck construction. From scratch with travertine, brick pavers, concrete, etc.
  • Come up with suitable approaches to maintain your travertine surfaces.
  • Facilitate simple and complex pool deck designs and installations.
  • Timely installations that you want to be completed in a record time.


Does Travertine Make a Good Pool Deck?

Yes, travertine is a good pool deck material option.

However, it has its pros and cons. For instance, travertine can crack and change texture during extensive cold freezing weather. Fortunately, Jupiter has a subtropical climate with warm and relatively humid conditions, making its neighborhoods appropriate for travertine pavers.

Here's why you should consider a travertine pool deck:

  • Slip-resistant: A deck is where pool users will walk barefoot and even play pool games. Travertine makes it hard to slip and fall because of its natural texture.
  • Natural Beauty: You'll fall in love with travertine the first time you see it. The material's natural beauty is unique and matches the aesthetics you've been looking for.
  • Durable: A well-installed travertine will last for years and give immense value. You'll rarely complain of wear and tear, even with considerate traffic around the pool. It's also heat and water-resistant.
  • Variety: You are not restricted to one type or style of travertine for your project. Various patterns and colors exist. Choose depending on your preference and surrounding hardscapes.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Travertine requires simple and affordable regular maintenance to keep the surface looking good and free of stains.

Please be advised that if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of travertine pool decks, you'll need professionals to do the work. Let our pool deck experts handle the installation process from beginning to end.


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Is Travertine Pool Coping Worth It?

Yes, using travertine for pool coping is worth it, and it guarantees an elegant, unique, and sophisticated look.

Natural materials will always carry the day when choosing a pool coping material. However, safety, durability, comfort, and outstanding visual appeal matter most during the selection. Travertine ticks all the boxes, making it an excellent alternative. On functionality, travertine will exceed your expectations.


Is Travertine Pavers Jupiter FL Expensive?

The simple is it depends!

Your travertine pool deck installation cost won't be a fixed figure. The money spent will depend on the pool deck size, the location, your pool type, and so on. Don't worry about the pool deck pricing; we are affordable and work with your budget's guidance.


Increase Your Deck's Allure Tenfold Now!

There's no better time to take your pool deck and coping to new heights than now. At Engineered Paver Pros, we are your trusted and reliable contractors with experience serving the greater Jupiter region. Our team is committed to installing pool decks that stand out in terms of quality, longevity, and esthetics. Call, fill out our contact form, or email us today, and we will respond promptly.