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Your pool plaster is as critical as other areas of your pool, and you should always ensure it works as expected. Consider our quality pool replastering services when you realize the plaster coating isn't looking good, feels rough, and can't serve its purpose.

Engineered Paver Pros is the most reliable and trusted local company servicing pool plasters. We take pride in offering exceptional pool replastering to all residents in the larger Jupiter area. Are you ready for the finest pool repairs that will transform your pool? Feel free to talk to our pool plastering contractors!


What is the Difference Between Resurfacing and Replastering a Pool?

Pool resurfacing and plastering are both special pool repair services you might need at some point to give your pool a new breath of life. While these two methods seem like the same thing, they are not, and you shouldn't use the two words interchangeably. The two services show differences in execution and what they involve.

Pool resurfacing means adding a new layer of your preferred resurfacing material on an already existing pool layer or surface. On the other hand, pool plastering means removing the existing pool plaster material and replacing it with another new layer. From the two meanings, the significant difference is that resurfacing doesn't necessarily require you to remove the initial pool surface layer, unlike plastering.

What Does Replastering a Pool Do?

Or rather, why should you plaster your pool walls and bottom?

There are many benefits of plastering a pool. But unless you have the required experience and certification, don't do it – this is not a DIY task. There's so much to know and procedural steps to follow. A simple mistake will result in a massive waste of time and resources. It isn't worth it when our pool plastering experts are only a phone call away.

Here's what to expect once our contractors complete their job – the benefits of a new layer of pool plaster.

  • It extends the pool's life.
  • It enhances the pool safety.
  • It makes the pool more waterproof.
  • It improves the pool's finish and aesthetics.
  • It improves the value of your space.
  • It makes the pool more enjoyable to use.

How often should you replaster a pool? It's usually after 10 to 20 years. However, the duration depends on who installed the plaster, how effective you do the maintenance, and the type of plastering installed.


Signs That You Need Pool Replastering Jupiter FL

You might wonder: How can I know that my pool needs a replastering service? It can be worrisome when you are unsure what to look at to decide on time. Luckily, there are diverse things to look at – and here are some of them!

Discoloration due to pool chemicals.

Cracks on the plaster.

Plaster flaking or peeling off.

A damaged, worn-out, and old-age plaster.

Reduced plaster's slip resistance.

A very coarse plaster texture.

We'd also like to mention that poor plaster installation and corrosive factors contribute significantly to pool plaster damage. You'll need our pool contractors for quality plaster with recommended thickness and other standards. Beyond plastering, we'll also advise you on the best pool chlorination approach, following maintenance tips, and balancing your pool's water pH.

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Allow Engineered Paver Pros to Replaster Your Concrete Pool Professionally

There's no pool plastering project we can't handle. Let us dive into it, whether it's too small, too complex, or too big. Also, we'll address those unique concerns like customizing the plaster color and improving its resistance to chemicals. Some popular plaster colors include greenish blue, white, gray, brown, and blue.

A common question most clients ask is, "Can you replaster a pool over old plaster?" The simple answer is no. We don't do shortcuts during the entire process. We'll inspect your pool, completely drain it, and remove the old plaster. Next, we'll install tiles and design features (if any), then apply the new plaster surface.

Our plastering follows high standards. We are very keen on quality and details. Since clients want different colors, textures, and finishes, we customize the plaster to suit your needs. The planning, execution, and guidance on how you'll keep your unique plaster for years is purely custom.

One more thing: We'll handle various pool plaster options. Most plastering projects involve special concrete, bonding additives, and marble dust – the mix is generally referred to as whitecoat, marcite, or pool paster. We can help you install any custom pool plaster, even when you need extra extras like pozzolans, pebbles, and colored quartz chips.


Reach Out for the Best Pool Replastering Service in Jupiter, FL

We are the only local contractors who can repair your pool better than those who built it. Besides adding a fresh layer of plaster, we ensure the pool gets a new custom look and meets your dream luxury standards. Call us now or fill out our contact form to get started.