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Imagine living in one of the greenest Jupiter neighborhoods and enjoying clean air, clean water, and access to extraordinary clubhouses and public schools like the famous Independence Middle School. That is New Haven for you. This neighborhood is quite friendly for anyone who values serenity and a feeling of holiday without the need to travel to other destinations. More so, it hosts the most reliable company for pool deck repair and restoration services in Jupiter, FL – the Engineered Paver Pros.

Have you ever looked at your pool deck, and the only thought that came to your mind was demolition? Sometimes, pool defects become an eyesore, and you wonder if the pool area is worth it. You might be right about demolishing it and forgetting about your pool altogether. But before doing so, let our professional team assess the space and give you the findings.

You'll be surprised that your pool deck qualifies for repairs to restore its former splendor. Testimonies from previous clients will show we can transform qualifying decks. Don't stress further – let's work on those cracks, extremely rough decks, discolorations, uneven surfaces, slippery surfaces, and so on.

We Value Custom and Quality Work

Our company listens to the client's needs, offers guidance, creates custom designs, and strives to offer quality work. We have a known success history, and when you hire us, you will be contracting experienced builders and designers. We also strive to provide a positive experience throughout the project and work with clients every step of the way.

As a pool owner, you should know that pool deck deterioration does not happen overnight. It will slowly creep in over time and create an unappealing space. If not fixed on time, the whole area could end up collapsing. The good news is that you can prevent such a situation by hiring our concrete pool repair professionals in New Haven.

We don't just jump into doing the repairs and renovations. We will chart the way forward. And since deck deterioration varies, we follow the proper steps to guarantee quality. The approach varies based on the type of material used for decking and the type of damage in your space. Here are some of the general steps that come in handy when restoring your deck

  • Assessment: We check the damage, survey the surrounding areas, and determine the deterioration's underlying cause.
  • Gather materials: The materials will depend on your pool's specific issues and your custom needs.
  • Prepare or demolish the deck: We will remove dirt or loose materials for better patching and resurfacing. We'll also remove the previous deck, level the surface, and look forward to repairs when doing a complete renovation.
  • Repairing, resurfacing, remodeling: Our professionals have the tools and skills to fix your space, whether you have minor or major deck damage.


Your Pool Decks Durability and Longevity Matters to Us

Generally, it would be best if you resurfaced your deck area every 10 – 15 years. That will depend on various factors such as maintenance, usage, the quality of installation, and climate. Our deck repair experts will ensure you enjoy a beautiful, safe outdoor deck surface for years.

We follow tested and proven approaches and building code specifications of New Haven. That gives confidence that we are trustworthy in repairs and resurfacing. Unfortunately, some companies use low-quality products and build low-quality structures to keep their prices low and competitive – don't fall into that trap.

Our focus is to offer durable structures that will serve you long. You will not have to worry about a crumbling deck area. We stand by our work, offering all our clients a 100% satisfactory guarantee.

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Need More Pool Decks Help? Let's Do This!

One thing you should know about Engineered Paver Pros is that we are the most versatile pool service in New Haven. No matter what deck issues you are facing, we can fix them. For instance, if you want to upgrade your concrete deck and install a travertine, our experts will handle this process and deliver quality results.

You may also want a finish resistant to chemical damage and stains; our licensed professionals will give your deck a quality diamond Brite finish. If your concern is that the pool plaster is damaged, our experts will do the replastering and give your pool a solid surface. There is no pool surfacing project we cannot handle; all you have to do is reach out.


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Hiring professionals over armatures to renovate or resurface your pool will give you comfort. You'll be confident that skilled and experienced experts are working on your deck. We aim to make your dream outdoor living space a reality at Engineered Paver Pros. We believe in offering professional and high-quality decks in New Haven that will serve you for years to come.

Our customer service team is waiting to hear from you today, and they will be happy to answer any pool service-related questions you might have. Work with the best by scheduling your deck project with us now!