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Do you know that Tuscany comes from the Italian word Toscana, which means “blood of Jupiter?” What will amaze you is that once you step into Tuscany, its meaning is quite evident from the eye-catching landscapes, Mediterranean style-based homes, and not forgetting the pleasant climate.

It is no wonder that most homes have swimming pools where families can spend time and cool off during the hot summer days. But here’s the thing: as a responsible property owner, you must know when to maintain, repair, resurface, and remodel your pool.

We are happy you want to update your pool deck and complementary areas like the backyard walkway. An investment step some residents fear to take. We understand the fears that most have, especially with the many unreliable remodelers. Our primary focus is to give the best value to all our clients. You can depend on Engineered Paver Pros whenever you want a reliable pool area resurfacing expert in Tuscany who will leave your space looking exquisite. Don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime!

From Pool Decks, Landscaping to Coping – It is Time to Resurface!

Our pool contractors in Tuscany handle diverse repair or remodeling needs. Let us be the first to know if you need pool deck resurfacing, pool liner repair, plastering, or pavers installation. Another critical service we’ve successfully delivered to residents is pool edging or coping using pavers, concrete, travertine, sandstone, and natural stone.

We will also pave, restore, and upgrade your landscape patio. We know the best paving materials to leave your outdoor space safe and attractive. More so, when you need the best way to improve the finish and functionality of your pool area, we have you covered.

We are committed to providing custom and innovative solutions to each client in every project we undertake. Considering the local weather and yearly seasons, we are very specific when recommending repair materials because we don’t want you to deal with a slippery pool floor that heats up excessively on a sunny day.

Always hire the best team, no matter how small, big, simple, or complex the project is. Otherwise, you will end up with a job poorly done which is frustrating and expensive in the long run. You can avoid such inconveniences when you work with us. We are trained, experienced, and have a reputation for quality services. Our modern state of art tools gets the work done as you want.

Our Pool Services Are Built on Honesty and Openness

You’ve probably heard a story or two about someone who hired a company to do a particular task for them, only to end up disappointed. It hurts – and sorry if you’re among those inconvenienced.

The pool remodeling project will require your hard-earned money, and the best decision is to partner with businesses with a history of professionalism, attention to detail, and showcasing work ethics from start to finish so that they deliver what you’ve agreed on. And that’s where Engineered Pavers Pros come in. Even after service delivery, we do scheduled follow-ups and educate you on the best maintenance practices to keep your pool deck as good as new for years.

We know sometimes unplanned challenges may arise, but you need honest contractors who can notify you and solve the issue on time. Luckily, we address any issue promptly and find solutions without causing any delays to your project. We value clear communication for mutual understanding and timely project completion.


Doing Resurfacing for the First Time and on Budget? Call us Now

We are always happy to sit down with you for a detailed discussion and break down the remodeling estimates. That will help you understand each project step and what you pay for. In most cases, the cost of remodeling a pool in Tuscany will depend on:

  • The pool area size
  • The type of a pool
  • The materials preferred
  • Features and additions
  • Finishing type
  • Structural changes
  • And more.

If you aren’t aware of a few aspects of the resurfacing, we are ready to make that complex decision easy by giving professional and relevant insights. We’ve also realized that most Tuscany pool owners have difficulty working on restrained budgets. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or go the cheap route to save a penny, only to regret it when it’s already late. We will help you find a balance, work on your budget, and deliver beyond your expectations. Be assured to enjoy value for your money.


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Perk Up Your Pool and Keep Tuscany’s Culture Alive

You are responsible for ensuring your home or business pool space looks great and keeps up with the culture of Tuscany’s pools – inviting waters, picturesque decks, and serene landscapes. That’s only achievable when you hire skilled professionals like us.

We have been working on Tuscany pools for years and know our clients want the best of their pools. We will adhere to your custom needs and the local regulations to ensure that your pool matches the neighborhood demands and aesthetic you’ve always dreamt of.

Do not take any chances regarding your pool restoration or repairs. Work with the best for the best outcome. Any project we work on brings satisfaction. We are confident about our work, and we offer you a guarantee. Ready for pool deck resurfacing? Do not hesitate to contact us today!