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The Best Pool Remodeling & Resurfacing Contractors for Admiral's Cove Residents

Do you know what philanthropist John D. MacArthur, real estate developer Ben Frankel, environmental engineer Bob Snyder, and Biologist Michael Landrum have in common? They are among the people who have helped transform Admiral's Cove from a subtropical wilderness to a community with glorious splendor.

We at Engineered Paver Pros admire the works of these great minds and all other visionaries who have helped to transform Admiral's Cove into a scenic residential space. In the same spirit, we offer the best pool remodeling and resurfacing service to face-lift this region's residences.

Never underestimate the effects of having an unkept, damaged, or worn-out swimming pool. Such conditions could lead to water illness, fungus growth, chemical imbalance, electrical hazards, clogged pool drains, drowning risk, liability cases, and fatality.

Do not allow your negligence to change the image and status of Admiral Cove. Instead, let our experts take the challenge head-on to ensure your pool is safe and functional

We Do Pool Decks the Right Way

As a local business, we have worked in Admiral Cove for decades. Over this period, we have gained positive reviews, created long-term friendships, transformed lives by creating beautiful pool areas, and won awards as a preferred local pool service company.

That tells you our contractors are not about to allow all that work to go down the drain. We will not, at any point, do mediocre work on your pool deck. Our professionals elevate your pool deck correctly, embracing proper approaches to meet your needs and attain the correct remodeling standards.

For instance, when working on your deck, we start with a comprehensive assessment before we get into the details. Whether we are resurfacing or remodeling, we don't do any shortcuts. We know that such a move will compromise the final deck's appearance, stability, durability, or longevity – and that's not what we want.


Pool Deck Materials Options – Travertine Gaining Popularity

Over the years, most residents of Admiral's Cove have used concrete and concrete pavers as their primary pool deck materials. We have installed and resurfaced many concrete pool decks in the neighborhood. Concrete still tops for the past few years, but travertine pavers are quickly catching up.

Travertine makes a good pool deck and improves your home's curb appeal better than most alternative decking materials. More so, a travertine pool deck is durable and unique due to natural color variation and always stays in style. It is also slip-resistant, does not fade quickly with proper maintenance, and is easy to replace when damaged.

We only recommend using quality materials and finishes. Those that will transform your deck area to make it stunning and easy to maintain. Other materials include tiles, wood, brick pavers, flagstone, other natural stones, and Diamond Brite.


You Are a Step Closer to Achieving Your Dream Pool

Has someone ever told you, "We make your dream come true," and disappointed you after working with them? Sadly, it's hard to forget such past experiences. The good news is that you now have a chance to work with professionals with a portfolio who do what they promise. Hire us today to let's help you achieve your dream pool.

Whether you go for an elaborate, elegant, or simple pool area, Engineered Paver Pros have you covered. Give us any pool repair challenge, and watch us design, create, and build the deck area of your dreams. Since we are up to date with the building codes, we will ensure that we adhere to the state regulations so that you never have to worry about dealing with penalties and other inconveniences.

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Let's Answer All Your Inquiries About Pool Decks in Admiral's Cove

Swimming pools have various sections, such as walls, floors, decks, plasters, skimmers, vents, filtering systems, pumps, return jets, and more. Unless you have taken your time to understand each component, you can't tell the exact problem or its cause. In such a case, hiring trained and experienced professionals who understand your pool's intricacies is prudent if something goes wrong.

Our professionals comprehend the inner workings of the swimming pool system. We will accurately answer your questions about your pool in a language you understand. Are you torn between remodeling and resurfacing? Or is there another pool issue that you have? Let us answer all your inquiries. With your permission, we can stop by your home to examine the pool and analyze the scope of your problem to offer the most viable solution.


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If you are ready to revamp your oasis in Admiral Cove by resurfacing your deck area, consider hiring Engineer Paver Pros, a company known to offer the best service to its clients. We handle repairs, remodeling, resurfacing, replastering, and new pool deck constructions.

We are not coming to do trial and error; instead, we will assess the condition of your surface, understand your requirements, draw up a suitable plan, and work to ensure you get impressive and long-lasting results. What are you waiting for? Schedule your project with us today

We Are Ready for Your Custom Pool Deck Needs!

Do you have a unique concern about how you want the pool deck done? We take our clients' ideas as a priority and advise professionally. Irrespective of the custom needs, we'll serve you right. For instance, we'll handle various pool deck materials such as concrete, natural stone, sandstone, travertine, and pavers.

Your choice of deck material depends on your budget and aesthetic needs. We will ensure you get a seamless and efficient repair regardless of your choice. We'll also ensure the deck perfectly complements your space.

What do you want your pool deck area to do for you? We have you covered if you wish to create a recreational space, a fun family area, a place to entertain your guests, and more. Call us now, and let's hear from you! We are ready to repair any damage and create a brand-new space