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Your Go-to Diamond Brite Installation Service – A Quality Pool Finish

You know it's time to try a Diamond Brite finish when your pool deck and internal surfaces no longer serve you with the maximum beauty and resistance you need. If you've never installed this pool finish material, you probably wonder, "What is Diamond Brite?"

Diamond Brite (Brand name) is a natural pool finish compound made of natural quartz and fortified cement with special polymers – it showcases the durability and beauty of Diamond.

But before you rush to install a Diamond Brite finish, you must exercise caution. Some pool owners have complained of their finish getting loose with time. The truth is that this happens because of shoddy installations, leading to poor bonding of the finish and the pool surface.

We are excited to reveal that you can avoid such inconveniences with Engineered Paver Pros – the best Diamond Brite installers in Jupiter, Florida. With massive experience in pool finishes, resurfacing, repairs, and plastering, we'll deliver to your expectations and beyond. Call us now!

Why Choose Engineered Paver Pros to Execute Diamond Brite Installation for Pools?

There's more to installing your pool finish than deciding on the material. Once you've settled on Diamond Brite, the next step is having us onboard. Our professionals will ensure you don't regret choosing the finish, and you can enjoy it for many years, provided you prioritize quality maintenance.

We will start by noting your budget and aesthetic preferences. Many clients get confused when choosing their ideal Diamond Brite color because of the many shade options. We will assist you with the color selection based on how you want to customize your pool and the general appearance of your surrounding landscape.

Before the actual installation, we start with the pool preparation. For instance, if you want the finish installed on the interior walls, we'll start with draining the pool and removing the damaged and worn-out pool tiles. Next, we will install your preferred pool tiles, add a quality bonding coat, and complete the installation with the Diamond Brite finish.

Our installations, whether on your pool's indoor, deck surface, or other outdoor areas, will follow a step-by-step approach that guarantees good results. Your pool surfaces will get a brand-new look and feel. Reach out to us, and let's get the job done exceptionally!


A Diamond Brite Pool Finish is Worth More Than You Can Imagine

Opting for Diamond Brite for your finish is your best decision. With Engineered Paver Pros contractors facilitating the installation, you are assured of durability and aesthetics. Here are five more benefits of a Diamond Brite pool finish.

  • Safe and Comfy: Diamond Brite is slip-resistant, and you and other pool users won't be at risk of falling, which can cause injuries. The finish is also comfy to walk through with your bare feet, even when wet.
  • Resistant to Stains and Chemicals: The finish is a good option if you don't want your surfaces and walls to have unpleasant stains. It will resist the harsh pool chemicals and all other stains. Even when stained, the stains are easily removed through cleaning.
  • Many Diamond Brite Colors: You have multiple colors to choose from, even when you want to give your pool a multicolored and diverse look. The most popular Diamond Brite colors include Cool Blue, Verde, Aqua Quartz, Oyster Quartz, Ivory, and Onyx.
  • Resists Environmental Pollutants: As a very tough and durable compound, Diamond Brite will resist destruction from pollutants such as bird droppings, acid rain, salt, and garbage. Don't expect the finish to change, even with intensive UV rays in or around the pool.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Diamond Brite is manufactured in staged processes following strict quality assurance procedures. When installed, it does not affect the living and non-living components of the environment because it's free of toxic ingredients.

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Is it Expensive to Install Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing Jupiter fl for Pools?

No! Installing a Diamond Brite finish on your surfaces with our help is affordable. Call us now to schedule a visit and get free estimates.

Most homeowners will agree that, at some point, someone mentioned the cost of installing Diamond Brite, which totally scared them. That happens because most resurfacing contractors want to take advantage of new unsuspecting clients and rip them off.

On a happier note, working with us means you don't have to spend a fortune to have your pool looking sleek. We allow you to work on a budget and enjoy your Diamond Brite surfaces for 10-15 years. More so, we strive to attain a balance between quality and affordability. Usually, the costs depend on the style, color of choice, size of the working area, the type of Diamond Brite used, and the deadline agreed on.


Ready to Get Started? Get in Touch Now!

You already know that your now unkept pool surface can be salvaged with professional intervention through a Diamond Brite quality finish. Let's do it for you to your satisfaction. Beyond that, we also resurface pool decks and surrounding areas with other quality materials like concrete, travertine, and pavers. Our comprehensive work approach allows our professional installers to do even the most complex tasks on an agreeable deadline. Get in touch now!